Member Guide Lines

These guidelines are for Midnight Watchmen as a group and its Members and it outlines Codes of Conduct and Member Eligibility. There is a 90 day probationary period for any person(s) who wish to become a Member of Midnight Watchmen. These Guidelines are set up so that we are taken seriously by clients and others in the paranormal field. Violation of the Code of Conduct could result in your membership being revoked or suspended.

 1. All guests, new and active members must be 18 years or older and must be able to provide Photo ID to identify themselves during any Midnight Watchmen activity, event or investigation.

2. New and Active members must live in the areas in or around Bucks County, Pennsylvania so that travel distance does not become an issue.

3. All members must have a mode of transportation. If you don’t have a vehicle, please let us know and we will try to work something out.

4. All person(s) that affiliate themselves with Midnight Watchmen will show respect to our clients, guests, and other members regardless of sex, race, etc. or their membership will be revoked. ALL GUESTS and MEMBERS will conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner. If you can’t do it at your job don’t do it on Midnight Watchmen time. No profanity, rude comments, or obscene actions, will be allowed. If we aren’t serious, how can we be taken seriously?

5. Attend appropriate amount of Midnight Watchmen functions (This Includes: Investigations, Meetings, events, and Investigation Reviews.)

6. All those who are involved with Midnight Watchmen must keep all information regarding the client and evidence confidential unless otherwise advised. ALL INVESTIGATIONS ARE CONFIDENTIAL.

7. Keep all issues that do not pertain to Midnight Watchmen out of the group. We know life can be stressful but leave it at the door.

8. Pregnancy Guideline. We will not take a person who is pregnant on an investigation. Due to liability issues and safety we will not take them on investigations but will pursue other activities for them during the pregnancy.

9. BE AVAILABLE. If you don’t have the time, we don’t either. We aren’t saying Midnight Watchmen 24/7 but if you aren’t available for any investigations, meetings, events, or Reviews then you will be placed on inactive status. Please let us know in advance if you can’t attend an investigation, meeting, event or Review. It is unprofessional and potentially dangerous if you are not prepared.

10. Any and all guests (friends, family, or potential members) will be approved by Cedric ahead of investigation.

11. No monetary exchange will occur with ANY investigation. Midnight Watchmen does not charge for its services, neither do its members.

12. All members will be responsible for any items they bring to meetings and on investigations. No littering, take all trash home with you. Please keep all personal equipment with you at all times. Midnight Watchmen cannot be financially responsible for your equipment.

13. All Midnight Watchmen equipment was purchased with personal funds and is very expensive. Equipment will only be used during sanctioned Midnight Watchmen functions, events, investigations.

14. All Midnight Watchmen sanctioned functions will be attended by the Founder or representative. You may not use the Midnight Watchmen name or equipment unless written permission has been given.

15. Don’t mix Business with Pleasure. Certain Midnight Watchmen Functions (EX. Audio Review) should be done for that purpose alone and not during a party or pleasure function. NOTE: Audio review for example if done in a party setting, and the individual gets distracted by the “setting” could miss something vital in the recordings. We all want to have fun but we do not want to sacrifice what we are attempting to accomplish by mixing the two components.

16. Any and all issues that pertain to YOU or another Member that are a concern or potentially destructive to themselves, the group, another Member, Client, or anyone else involved with Midnight Watchmen WILL be brought to the attention of The Founder, John C. Fowler. All issues that pertain to another Member should be discussed with the Member present. This allows the Member a chance to defend his or herself in the case of rumor, slander, or any other personally harmful statements. NOTE: The Founder will not be brought into a personal situation. If the Individuals allow the personal issues to effect their abilities/ attitude during a Midnight Watchmen Investigation(s) and Function(s), suspension of Membership or expulsion of the Member from the group may take place.

17. Midnight Watchmen, its founder and clients cannot be responsible for any injuries that occur during its functions. Please be careful and follow the investigation guidelines. BE PREPARED.

18. MEMBERS-> Investigators- All Members wishing to become an Investigator for Midnight Watchmen must go through a training session(s). Upon completing the session(s) potential investigators will be evaluated at an investigation, if satisfactory they will become an Investigator.

19. MEMBERSHIP DUES: Midnight Watchmen requires a $10.00 Monthly Membership fee. These fees start in April every year and are used for batteries, equipment replacement (if broken), insurance fees, and offset investigation costs. All money will be placed in an interest bearing account to be utilized at such a time that it is needed and Monthly financial reports will be made at meetings.

20. MEMBERS who are not investigators will be able to participate in many activities except investigations. There will be times that Members may be asked to participate in investigations if necessary.

21. PROBATIONARY PERIOD- This 90 day period is a time where the Founders/ Lead investigators of Midnight Watchmen can get to know potential members. POTENTIAL INVESTIGATORS-Most investigations will occur during spring/ summer/ fall months as this time of year has best weather conditions. NOTE: Some of the events we attend may have a cost. Midnight Watchmen is unable to pay for your attendance therefore you as a member are not required to go, but may if you wish or asked to.