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The goal of The Midnight Watchmen is to investigate paranormal happenings and Urban Myths in a professional and informative manner to either tangibly prove or disprove it’s occurrence. We always will provide our services free of charge, as well as to help the public better understand the nature of supernatural phenomena. The Midnight Watchmen wants to let anyone who has or is experiencing this type of phenomena to know that they are not alone…

The Midnight Watchmen roots were laid long ago and our first case was in 2007, its original members are John C. Fowler, Jon Bolton, Tony Fantozzi & Jeff Robbins. With a collective goal of exploring the unknown and seeing for  themselves what’s out there, starting down the path which has led us to such places as Jennie Wade House Museum, Solider’s Museum & Orphanage, Eastern State Penitentiary,  Witches Chair, Stemie’s Place, many local myths/legends and numerous Private Residences. And we have met many interesting people along the way we now call friends.

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