What Is Diary of the Watchmen?

Here is our Diary. Our Experiences. Our Thoughts. Oh and at times your see major site updates/changes or at least explanations of them!  We strive to bring you knowledge, make you think, bring some light into the darkness that can be paranormal. We are not Ghostbusters (though a proton pack would be an awesome addition to our equipment list), we do not remove anything from your home or business or life.  What we do is simple:  We investigate and try (keyword we don’t always have evidence at the end of investigation) to prove your experiences or at a minimum what they could be naturally. I digress lets simplify it….

Here you will find a collection of ideas, thoughts, and interviews with paranormal groups & personalities (Paranormal Q&A)! Midnight Watchmen™ founder Cedric will post site updates and Paranormal Q&A’s, among other topics that comes to mind or is bothering him and Paranormal 101.  As well as our Cannon Shots section that highlights unique thoughts and ideas on the paranormal world and its news/stories.

We hope you enjoy, think, and come back!

~ Cedric