Investigation Guidelines

All of these guidelines are in place to protect clients, guests and members from bodily injury and to help Midnight Watchmen be respected in the paranormal community.

1. RESEARCH: Research, Research, then Research some more. This is the foundation of a good investigation. There are Researchers within the group that handle this but please be sure you are aware of the pertinent information.

2. BE ON TIME: If you are late so is the investigation. In some instances we may not allow person(s) who are late to participate in the investigation.

3. CLOTHING: All investigators must wear their Midnight Watchmen shirts to Midnight Watchmen investigations. Guests and probationary members must wear black or dark clothing. Please wear sneakers; there may be LOTS of walking.

4. All Investigations will have 4-6 Investigators in attendance (unless otherwise determined by the Case Manager). The only exception to this is a Ghost Hunt or Private Investigation of a Large Building (Like Eastern State). Auxiliary Investigators will be supplemented when they are needed.

5. NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL, OR MOOD ALTERING DRUGS BEFORE OR DURING. The use of drugs, alcohol, and mood altering prescriptions (unless medically necessary) will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED before and during investigations. This may affect your ability to sense paranormal activity and/ or your behavior. (NOTE: Please advise Founder of any medications and/or medical issues before going on any investigations for Emergency purposes.) If you take medication that is required or necessary, TAKE IT, but if it’s optional and impairs your judgment please don’t! Your senses are your biggest asset!

6.  ALL PICTURES are to be taken using a TRIPOD.

7. CHECK YOUR SURROUNDINGS: Please get a lay of the land when you get to an investigation. Remember most investigations take place in the dark; be aware of steps, holes, etc.

8. NO FOOLING AROUND: This goes with #5! Please avoid horsing around during an investigation; inattention may cause you to miss something important. It is dangerous and disrespectful to other members if you aren’t paying attention. (i.e. talking, running, PDA’s) We take this seriously, if you don’t: DON’T BOTHER

9. SUPPLIES: You must bring any supplies including food and drink that you may need on an investigation. We ask that each member have a camera (digital or 35mm) and a Digital Recorder (PC Compatible), though it is not required.

10. BE OPENMINDED: Do not expect that every knock is a spirit, or that every spirit is a human. Check all occurrences for reasonable explanations. Make sure you document these occurrences and any conclusions you reach on the Investigation Vigil Log (do not use opinions just facts)

11. DO NOT GO ALONE: For safety issues take someone and a flash light with you. On Private Home Investigations please use a pen style flashlight.

12. NO SMOKING: This is a touchy subject! Smoke can cause false evidence and can interfere with investigation. Smoke can be seen on Cameras and Camcorders and be confused for a paranormal anomaly. Since smoke can be strong in smell it could cause a matrix of scents making it impossible to tell if it’s a paranormal scent or real life.

13. SMELLS: Just like smoke we ask that there are NO strong colognes or perfumes worn during an investigation. Once again spirits can manifest as scents so keep it to a minimum.

14. DO NOT TOUCH CLIENT PROPERTY THAT DOES NOT PERTAIN TO INVESTIGATION: This is self explanatory; failure to follow this guideline WILL result in your membership being revoked.

15. CONFIDENTIALITY: All research, evidence, and client information will be kept confidential unless otherwise advised.

16. MAINTAIN POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Stay upbeat. Spirits don’t come out on command so, be patient. A positive attitude will also keep you safe from any unwanted spiritual or human contact.

17. CELL PHONES: Please keep all cell phones off. If it is an emergency please use your phone in a neutral area.

18. RESPECT: Please respect everyone within Midnight Watchmen’s investigative crew. Follow all instructions given by the Lead Investigator, failure to follow instructions may result in expulsion from the investigation and/or the Society.


*Sexual flirtation, advances, or propositions.

*Verbal abuse of sexual nature.

*Graphic verbal comments about an individual’s body.

*Degrading words, sexual or otherwise used to describe an individual.

*Groping or fondling any member or client



 Investigator Duties/ Requirements during an Investigation:

 *All Investigators/guests/Members must fill out & sign a Confidentiality and Liability Waiver before joining Midnight Watchmen in any way.

 *All Investigators must fill out the Investigation Personal Experience Log during the Investigation.

 *All Investigators at Base Command/ DVR must keep up the Investigation Activity Log. (Team Locations)

 *All Investigators will tag ALL sounds that they hear or make during an investigation so that there is no question as to what the sound is (yawns, sighs, taps, knocks, bodily noises, location noises, etc. If you are unable to locate the source then make note of that also.

 *All Investigators will maintain an even, clear, and loud tone. This allows us to know if the person speaking is one of us or something paranormal.