State of the Watchmen 2015

Sony 540 TVL IR Bullet Video Camera
Sony 540 TVL IR Bullet Video Camera

2015 came upon us quickly as some of the plans we’ve laid out the last few years have finally come to fruition. As usual we co-hosted the 3rd Annual Paranormal Journeys Expo with, again benefiting the historic and beautiful Graeme Park in Horsham, PA!   We filmed an episode with the Ghost Detectives at Jennie Wade House & Museum in Gettysburg, PA – which can be viewed in our ‘Video‘ section.  We also worked with Black Moon Paranormal Society at Point Lookout Lighthouse in Maryland.  While our “investigation” list is small – we’ve been going with quality over quantity this past year.  We also expanded to Midnight Watchmen with a satellite team located out in the Gettysburg/York area.

2016 – So what does this new year hold for us?  I know this year we sadly will not be holding a pje#2016, as time has been at a premium and anyone who has run an event/expo knows all so well – time is needed to put on a great event with scheduling and setup.  We hope to have one in 2017, though anything is possible for 2016…  I am very pleased to announce that we will be attending and helping with the ghost hunts at the second annual Pennhurst Paracon in June and we are working on securing a location to film with the Ghost Detectives for this year.  Also we are looking for some new members to help fill out our ranks.  I think thats its for now.  Let’s see what’s next!

As I will repeat until the end of time: In closing I’d like to thank my team from our current members to the ones who are no longer with us, as all of you have had an influence on what the Midnight Watchmen have become and will be tomorrow. Their are not words for me to express my joy and happiness in doing what we do, for me it was a dream since I was child to be a “ghostbuster”, this the next best thing to that, only thing we’re missing is an Ecto-1, but if that’s all we’re missing that ain’t too bad….