Gettysburg Personal Experiences 2015

1/29/15 Hall of Presidents.

Only a few things I can put in here. I did hear a scratching noise that was later debunked as a heat vent. Also there were a bunch of emf hits that could have been attributed to the heater and wiring.

1/30/15 Jennie Wade.

I will start by saying this was one of the most eventful investigations I have been a part of. Though most of what happened didn’t involve me personally. We started up stairs to debunk a certain chain that shakes on its own. While the chain did shake on its own I do think it was from vibrations from the wall by the stairs. I did hear a few noises while we were upstairs that were coming from the first floor on the Wade side. They were like banging noises that could have been attributed to heating/expansion. I also heard the same kind of noises later on when we were in the basement. These also came from the first floor on the Wade side. While we investigated the first floor the static domes we had spread out between the two rooms had gone off in sequence like something had walked into the rooms and left. While this was happening we all took turns standing in a particular corner due to Bob having an experience standing there first. After taking my turn I did feel a slight headache. However I think this was due to dehydration now.

1/31/15 Orphanage.

As for this investigation I don’t have much to say here. While investigating the back storage room I heard a whisper that only myself and Mark heard between us. Hopefully it got captured on one of the three recording devices in the room for later review.

2/1/15 Orphanage.

I think I had a target on my back for this one. At least when it comes to seeing things. Which at this point is the only thing sticking out in my mind. I saw my first shadow figure peeking out from behind the doorway to the back storage room. After seeing it I went over to where I saw it and estimated its height at around 6 feet tall. I would think it to be male but I don’t know. The other experience I had was in the basement during clean up. While most of the way down stairs I heard a noise back and to the left of me. I turned to look to see part of a head peeking around the corner of the doorway in the basement. About a half a second later the same figure poked out again. This time with whole face in shot. I will say this scared me being that this is the first time I have personally seen something like this. After freaking out a bit I did look down the hall to see nothing of course. I did estimate the height of what I saw around 4 feet tall. At the time I thought our dvr camera caught all of this. I only found out later the camera was disconnected before this happened. So unfortunate.