Gettysburg 2015 Investigation

personal experience

Friday night: Investigating the Orphanage, nice to get back into action setting up the dvr, and actually doing an invest. It was interesting and different to work with Bob’s crew, not a large amount of possible “evidence”  but plenty to be reviewed as yet, hoping for some interesting things overall not a bad invest.

Saturday night: Investigating the Jennie Wade house, overall a fun experience, though a few more breaks than expected for an invest. did not note anything that i would consider “activity”, even when I was in the house a full 45+ minutes by my self before anyone else came into the house. unfortunately called it early this night due to dinner being the only haunting experience, and later found that most of the group I was with had done the same.

Sunday night: back at the Orphanage, no insult or anything meant to the other group, it was nice to work with a group that I knew the established strengths and weaknesses, mannerisms and what not, things flowed a bit more organically, we did more of a experimentation round than a full investigation, messed with a few things, tried a few others, apparently also startled John Brandis during the clean-up accidentally, generally fun had by all.