Gettysburg 2015

To preface this, this was my first time truly investigating with group.  I have been to Stemie’s once before, and helped with the public investigation at Graeme Park, but this was my first real chance to get out and investigate with the team.  This being said, all accounts on my part are not taken as proof of ghosts, spirits, or the afterlife, just odd things that happened that I do not currently have an explanation for.

The Hall of Presidents was creepy in and of itself.  I can’t say that I’m a fine of being in the real life movie wax museum.  While going through, we found a few odd emf spots, where it would appear to be in the middle of the floor, about 1-2 feet off the ground, but no higher or lower.  There was also an odd rattle that we could hear from other rooms, but it took a little while for us to narrow down.  It turned out the rattle was a loose heat guard for the vents, and the emf appeared to be coming from unshielded wire and large electrical boxes in the basement.  We tried using the ghost meter pro down in the basement, which had some odd results, however they were very spotty at best.

Jennie Wade turned out to be more interesting than I had thought.  Initially we did not see much in the house, so we moved down to the basement.  In the basement, there were some odd anomalies in regards to heat.  We tried using the Frank’s box to see if anything came through, but there was not much in that regard.  We finally moved back inside and ended up in the first story of the building, in the area where Jenny would have been shot.  This is where things became interesting.  At one point, Bob became nauseous standing in a spot and asked me to come stand in the same spot.  I did not feel anything at first and after about five minutes, I was about to leave when it felt like someone began twisting my heart.  I stood in the spot when it happened again, only more pronounced, and it stopped when I left the spot.  After reporting this, Bob filled us in on feeling nauseous, and Dave stood in the same spot and reported headaches.  About this same time, some of the new pods that Bob was testing went off in an odd way.  They went around the room and then back out.  As we began packing up to leave, Andrew the camera man had his headphones seemingly pulled out of his hands twice.  On the second time, we said out loud that “you have my attention and I am about to leave, what do you want” when the pod on the stairs went off.  I have no explanation for the events that happened in the room aside from possibly having the idea put in our heads that we should feel some odd sensation standing in the spot so we did, and that perhaps static electricity set off the pod.

The next night we did the orphanage, and although a few people seemed to have results in the back hallway of the basement of the basement, I was not able to see anything due to the small size and amount of people within.  Later we moved into the back storeroom where we had a few surprises.  At one point both Brandis and I heard an audible whisper that no one else in the room heard, and a pod by Kris’ foot went off.  After that, the night concluded on an anticlimactic note.

The following night we returned to the orphanage.  We tried a couple of experiments this time.  At one point we left a spirit board in the basement with an EM pump on underneath and dust on the top glass shelf to see if it would move while we were gone.  We were working off of the premise that ghosts need our energy in order to communicate, which is why someone needs to place their hands on the oracle.  In the effort of trying to weed out human interference in the process, I suggested using the EM pump because supposedly the energy created is associated with ghosts, however nothing seemed to happen.  We later tried more experiments with mixed results.  In the one, John asked questions in a separate room while Kris tried to receive responses in the basement.  She had no knowledge of what the questions actually were, and while there were some results, they did not greatly impress.  We tried this again later with John in the basement and Kris in the storeroom where we received some creepy answers.  I cannot rule out human error, or interference at what I would assume to be the subconscious level so I am trying to think of more experiments to try and explore this idea.

All in all, it was a good experience.  I came out of this with a better of idea of how to be skeptical and look for logical answers in regards to ghost hunting.  I also came out with more questions than I came in with that I would like to look into more deeply.  Of course I cannot rule out human error in any of these events or experiences, and do not necessarily attribute them to ghosts or anything of that sort.  I just found some of them unusual to say in the least, and would like to explore it more.