Gettysburg Trip 2015 with Ghost Detectives!

Orphanage Renovation Feb 2015
Orphanage Renovation as of February 2015

Where do I start?  It was a helluva of a week at Gettysburg, PA as we investigated the Hall of Presidents, Jennie Wade House Museum & The Orphanage (along with the former Solider’s Museum which is closed and under renovation), the last two we did with Bob Christopher & the Ghost Detectives!  We finished the weekend alone in the Orphanage to do our own thing.  It was a great time sharing knowledge and seeing some new gear!

Hall of Presidents (1/29/2015):

The hall seemed very quiet, we start review this week, but I will say that Hall of First ladies freaks me out…. We did find a ton of odd RF/EMF spikes through out certain sections, but I believe they are from the furnace kicking on/off. We had heard a scratching noise a few times which we debunked to heat kicking on and vent movement behind a door causing it.

Orphanage & Old Solider’s Museum (1/30/2015):

After we split up teams with the Ghost Detectives we started investigating in the Basement with a new Trigger Object – A Life Like Dog that Vortex Ghost Gear makes as a trigger for the children. I think the trigger dog is a great idea.  We did not hear or see it go off all night, but we had a camera on it for over 24 hours. So stay tuned for that, as some staff working in the gift shop above it relayed they heard it go off before we came in to investigate again!  As we were starting in the basement one of the Ghost Detective team members was over whelmed with emotions and sadness, she had to go outside for some fresh air.

Jennie Wade House (1/31/2015):

Well again we split up teams and started investigating – it started off slow.  The “real time” record went off by itself a few times, I believe it was because the “hold” button was left off and recorded was bumped during the night at times.  Also a few odd noises on it were debunked as an insulin pump going off from the person wearing as she had it too close the recorder.  After we switched up some members we all heard some odd noises and voices – I also heard the sound of pot under the bed sound like the lid lifted or was moved, but that could be from heating/cooling of the house.

Orphanage & Old Solider’s Museum (2/1/2015):

We did some experimenting at Orphanage on our own just as a team & tried using remote E.V.P. questions with someone on a spirit board who can not hear the questions being asked. During a normal session with the board we did get some names to go off of, but it is possible subconsciously the reader had known these names before hand and they popped out.   A few odd noises were heard in the section that was old Soldier’s Museum that is in process of being renovated – I heard what sounded like footsteps and voices. Also in the basement I heard a female voice a few times softly – it is possible that is was our only female, but she was in section that we hadn’t heard anyone else in from where we were sitting.

So like always at the end of the day (investigations) the review will tell us what we have if anything…. though we did catch what sounded like a little girl on a recorder I was testing out at the end of the night.


John C. Fowler