State of the Watchmen 2014

MW K2 State of Watchmen 2014Every year I initially have trouble writing these years in review – I’m always afraid i’m forgetting something…. Anyhow this year the Midnight Watchmen along with held our second annual Paranormal Journeys Expo this year benefiting historic and beautiful Graeme Park in Horsham, PA.  The event was a success  with a public ghost hunt at the Keith House and many people attending not just the lectures but  stopping by to see & chat with the many vendors. New to our paranormal adventures is Marc Huffer who is working with us this year and I feel brings some new ideas/enthusiasm to the team.  We were asked to do a joint investigation with NJ ROPE on the famous Battleship New Jersey and had a blast exploring the battleship.  We’ve been quieter investigation wise then i’d like this year, but I have a feeling that will change soon.

2015 –  What’s Next? Well Paranormal Journeys will have a 3rd year with as of writing this information coming soon. Our annual Gettysburg trip is coming up in January which we plan on using for various paranormal experiments (which we will make available for download – we share!), some of which i’m not sure if they have been tried before.  We also maybe be expanding somewhat stay tuned for that announcement as well.

As I will repeat until the end of time: In closing I’d like to thank my team from our current members to the ones who are no longer with us, as all of you have had an influence on what the Midnight Watchmen have become and will be tomorrow. Their are not words for me to express my joy and happiness in doing what we do, for me it was a dream since I was child to be a “ghostbuster”, this the next best thing to that, only thing we’re missing is an Ecto-1, but if that’s all we’re missing that ain’t too bad….