What’s Really Missing in the Paranormal Community?

checklistSo what’s really missing in the paranormal community is a fairly simple and complex question depending on who asks or answers, but taking a step back not just from my perspective as an investigator, fan and para expo organizer  I see a few things that can be fixed that are missing.  I think the biggest stumbling block is lack of solid foundation with terms.  Granted someone would say I’m biased since I’m also the founder of www.paranormaldictionary.com, but truth is I’ve seen arguments based on agreement. Yup, people arguing who is right using different terms that mean the same thing! It’s insane. Now that would fix a ton of issues, but wait I have more.

Shared knowledge is missing and to me that goes along with accountability (I’ve written at least two pieces on that alone!).  If my belief/idea/theory is spread, then I come to prove or see its now wrong, I need to adjust that get the new info out to the masses.  Admit the earlier belief/idea/theory was wrong with why and move on, then if needed repeat.  Can you imagine where we’d be with just a little accountability??

Now here is where we get gritty and to me fun, because it challenges some peoples views:  Cryptid, UFO, Aliens, Ghosts, Unexplained Mysteries & History are all paranormal.  Yes I said it!  We are all in the same family…  Paranormal is defined as events that can not readily be explained by “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.”  Well that fits everything we do chasing unexplained whether its aliens, ghosts, cryptids, etc.  One day this definition may change, but the core will be the same.   So shouldn’t we communicating between these groups? Looking at what correlates? What doesn’t? More importantly… why? That would strengthen everyone’s knowledge base, which is mega plus to the field or hobby.

Yes, I’m well aware that this will not be something we can all do over night and like anything we will still have the fame seekers, the “experts” and the ones in it just for fun, but atleast we will be on the better path to actually finding out what’s really out there in this crazy world we live.  And at the end of the day for every mystery solved, two will pop up…. you know what? I’m fine with that.


John C. Fowler