Moments That Freeze Time

surprise-dogI’d like to relay a story its short:

The other day was my birthday, I had a few messages a day early from people in different time zones, no biggie. Well about 5 minutes after midnight or so on the actual day of my birthday I of course started getting texts, instant messages etc.  One of the first ones was from my uncle who had passed away a few years ago saying happy birthday.  Of course it made me stop dead for a second and just stare. I think may have actually said “What the F@#k?” And of course I was stunned.  He was one of my favorite uncles and brought back some of the pain knowing he was gone.

Now a lot of people would say he contacted me from the other side! Or have taken solace in that a lost loved one still is there watching.  Me I looked at my uncles Facebook page and saw my Aunt still uses it from time to time… I didn’t know that. LOL

All i’m saying is things are not always what they seem, nor as crazy as they seem on the surface at times. And some the best moments are the ones that not only make you think, or smile, but feel.  And somewhere I know my Uncle is laughing at that moment…


John C. Fowler