Aliens Are Our Other Dimensional Friends?

I know the head line of Aliens Are Our Other Dimensional Friends? may have thrown you off, but what if all paranormal phenomena of shadow people, reports of being touched or talked to by unseen beings and human like form ‘demons’ is just an extra dimensional species of alien? What if they are just bleeding through to our “reality”? Maybe by experiments and accidents or hell by dumb luck! I know some will call this theory idea crazy, but its as sound as any other paranormal idea out there. Why? Simply  ideas are not final they change and adapt. Just like everyone who studies and hunts paranormal should be doing. Just because I can’t prove it is right (yet) doesn’t make it completely wrong or right, it just means it hasn’t been fully proved (maybe to me, you and the world), which is half the fun…. at least for me.

Bonus Thought:

Science is a very important part of any paranormal investigation, some may not agree or see it, but like many things it doesn’t change the fact that it its.  Facts are really all that matter as we chase/explore/investigate the unknown.  Ideas are a start, followed by a few beliefs, but beliefs should change with knowledge till they become fact, not the other way around.  Sure we all don’t get it right all the time, but we should be striving for as close as possible.   Do you want to take the next step? Then don’t forget to think, come up with ideas, build theories and test them. Follow it all up with re-thinking it all.  It’s an endless cycle.  I love challenges, why I give Kenny Biddle credit he challenges paranormal thought. I love it.


John C. Fowler