The Shroud of Turin

Negative Image of the Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin maybe histories most debated artifact – miracle or forgery?? Was it really Jesus’ burial cloth or something else? Could it be an artist’s vision, now long misguided? Maybe its a form of photography or….

I just watched ‘Secret: The Turin Shroud’ a show made by Smithsonian Channel (Click here for more information) on Netflix & it made me really think. Now to some questioning a faith is wrong, to me questioning everything leads to inner truth.  The Shroud of Turin arguably has significance in the Christian Faith (whether its real or not).  So besides that fact what else do we know? Lets break down the ideas and my thoughts on them:

  • Miracle:  Jesus rose from the grave after 3 days… Well as for the miracle… Anything is possible. Its either your  a believer or not.  We can’t exactly test this one! 😉
  • Medieval Artist:  Ancient artists used many techniques we use today. Granted we are told no brush strokes are on the Shroud, so that narrows down what could have been done, but there is a few other ways to make images that are similar, like basin relief for example.
  • Ancient Photo:  To me this is a fun one, we know that many things ancient man knew of we don’t think about or use quite the same way today. Was it possible to make a photo of Jesus’ body when he died?  Yes it was – my bigger question with this though is why we don’t see more things like this in the years that follow.

So what is the Shroud of Turin?  Faith or Art?  Well it could be a little of both depending who you ask.  Which I think mankind needs things that make us question the world around us.  It drives some, consumes others, but in the end it makes us think.  And when we truly think and open our minds – greatness happens.  So whether or not the biblical Jesus rose from the grave or not, he has truly lived on making us all think and wonder about the Shroud.  At that is really what the Shroud of Turin’s legacy is all about… wonderment.