Jesus’ Wife & Thoughts From Our Paranormal Past

ancient-aliens-guy-im-not-saying-its-aliens-but-its-aliensI saw a story over on CNN’s website (read here) about a piece of parchment that some believe Jesus is quoted as saying “his wife” and of course  its controversial. Jesus’ Wife so of course some believe its a fake, others that its real. The original story goes back to 2012 when testing was delayed and the results according to the Harvard Theological Review are that it is indeed genuine.  So the question begs, was this a direct reference to his wife? Or maybe just an out of context statement since most of the parchment is missing…. Either way it will stir and cause much debate in Christian world. And as we say debate is good, makes people think, but this made me think alot about other moments in history we know little to nothing about….

Like for example the missing link of man whether it be a Bigfoot or another ape creature or could it be something more paranormal like alien intervention/manipulation of DNA – I mean without that scientific or definitive proof aren’t all ideas on the table?? We have cities and structures that seem to be out of time like Puma Punko or even the Pyramids that seem to be similar around the world from people who supposedly had no interaction with each other. Ancient man was either more advanced then we give credit to or we’ve missed something in our timeline. The more we learn the more questions we find & in the end that is the journey of self discovery for every bit learned, another question arises….

As I’ve said before: join us as we continue our search of whats out there and if you dare, look for it yourself. 😉


John C. Fowler