Paranormal Pet Peeves (Or Why The Paranormal is a Joke!) – Part 2

Again this picture has absolutely nothing to to do with article.
Again this picture has absolutely nothing to to do with article.

I wrote back in February 2013 (click here to read previous article here) about my pet peeves and said it will be awhile before I revisit them well today is the day….

First off are groups who claim non profit status without paperwork… That’s not illegal – try being honest and say not for profit. Hell its what Ghost Hunters had to do… yup they used to say non profit all the time….. kinda hard without paperwork. 😉

People/Groups who claim they want to help people and take weeks to respond to emails, social media, or any other form of contact. Come on. If you have problems answering simple questions why would anyone want you to help them with serious issues? And if you can’t find the time to answer a simple question in a timely matter you sure as hell won’t be able to handle a serious one…..

People/Groups who don’t listen to anything another has learned and immediately jumps to being attacked. Open mind its like a parachute it works better, no one says you have to agree but listen. We do it all the time for clients or should be so why not other ideas about the paranormal?

And now something I noticed that’s a positive. Over the last 2 years I’ve seen allot more groups working together, sure maybe I dropped the bad ones and that’s why I see things better, but in reality I don’t think its true. More groups are a like then they care to realize. So keep up the good work and if you or your group fall under my list above and before…. well get to fixing it.  I’m not perfect neither is my team and I put that out there. So if you need help or want to help me get better contact me below at my email. Working together is easy. Honestly the more views you have of the world will help you see it more clearly.

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius


John C. Fowler