Paranormal Q&A with JRo (Jesse Roth) (Chapter 3)

JRO (Jesse Roth)

Who Are You?

It depends on the day of the week and what mood I am in, right now I feel like the lead character in the movie “Ground Hog Day” LOL

What are your thoughts on networking with other teams or investigators?

Do it! never hurts to get different points of view.

Hunter, Investigator, Researcher – What do you want to be referred to and why?

I prefer researcher for myself. while I have gone on investigations, my physical limitations sometimes do not allow for that, so I take pride in more of the research aspect of it that doesn’t require going to every single investigation.

What is your most memorable paranormal experience?

I have to say the ones with my son in toe. For some reason we seem to see the same things at the same time.

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve crossed a spirit over?

Nope and I never will attempt it. It is not my place. If they want to cross over they will find a way on their own. I truly believe people are hear (whether living or dead) for a reason and when they are due to cross over, they will.

Did you have experiences while growing up?

Yes, frequently

What is your favorite Paranormal Show (TV/Internet/Radio)?

NEPA’s Ghost Detectives, Hey I am biased I support my friends. Actually its the only show I will even watch anymore.

What are your thoughts about Provoking?

HUGE NO-NO. Have some respect. Treat spirits how you would treat the living. I mean think about it, you are in THEIR space and you decide to pull an attitude??? Wow, Even I would start throwing things around the room if someone came into MY house and demanded personal information.

What are your thoughts about Orbs? Dust or spirit? How do you tell the difference?

Too easily explained away (dust,lighting etc)…I wont bother with them.

Would you ever use a Medium or Psychic on your team?

Sure, why not?