Paranormal Q&A with JRo (Jesse Roth) (Chapter 2)

JRO (Jesse Roth)

Who are you?

JRo Jesse Roth. I am formerly a research investigator for SONA Paranormal. More recently I am getting into the journalistic aspect of the paranormal field by writing blogs and producing an internet radio show.

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Who do you think you were in your past life (or lives)?

Yes I believe in it to a degree, I don’t necessarily think everyone reincarnates or they always become a person, they may become a thing as well. Anyhow, whoever I was or whatever I was, I must have been awful. I live with two disabling injuries and chronic pain.

What are your thoughts on Para Unity?

Hmmmmm good question. I think in theory its a good idea and can work when used properly, but I have seen many not so nice teams use it to rip people to shreds as well.My thoughts are, if you can’t get along with certain people (which does happen in life, lets be honest) then just go about your own business and leave others alone. There is plenty of room for all of us.

Have you ever investigated a Church?

What are your thoughts on this? Technically? no I have not. I have been in an empty church with my team, I have investigated a parsonage and the attached cemetery, but the church itself, No I have not. It was more of a time constraint issue other wise i would have been all for it.

When having a joint investigation with another team(s), how do you select the team(s) or members of other teams that you invite?

The rare occasion I have had to work joint investigations, was never a “which team member do we invite” situation, It was both teams are going, whoever can go from each team goes.

What do you tell someone looking to join a team, what should they look for or ask?

Oh Mylanta, I have written blog upon blog about this. Let me copy ad paste my own work:

“You want to find people who don’t mind if you ask questions or will offer advice on using equipment. And won’t get upset with you for asking. Also while this field can be expensive, it is not required to spend a lot of money you don’t have. You don’t need equipment right out of the gate and when do decide to purchase equipment, you want to find someone you can trust who will not steer you in the wrong direction and will point out the differences between good equipment and shotty equipment. As I stated earlier, none of us are “experts” but I would like to add there people who are more educated and more experienced. When I come across a person who asks me advice and I can’t help them, I have a list of teams I personally trust to give them the right guidance. I regard these few teams highly just for their generosity in time and advice and have never steered me wrong.

I also recommend looking for team that will be understanding. Many of us have different personal issues outside of this life that we have to work around. Several work full time jobs, have families and other obligations. You don’t want to get involved with a team that will not tolerate your personal situation. In my case I don’t have the energy to make every investigation and I may have to take breaks now and again because of my medical situation or other personal situations, but I was lucky to have found such a great team to work with who understands these needs and welcomes me back aboard when I am ready. It needs to go both ways though. If you bail on a project you must be understanding that they will proceed without you. I tell people I work with the best of the best, because in my opinion I do. We work well together, no drama and it’s all for the team. I stress it is very important to find people to work with that you trust and trust you. Team SONA is definitely an extension of family to me as it goes with many teams I am sure. They know my health and my child always come first.”

You can read the entire blog here :

Any advice to a group just starting out?

Copied from above mentioned blog:

Steer clear of teams who aren’t helpful in any instance. There is an unnecessary amount of competition in this field. It’s not a race. While there are probably some legitimate reasons a group won’t work with another specific team or another, you also need to be willing to work with those who do approach you for answers or help. I have found that hoarding evidence and keeping “secrets” does not do anyone any good. Now I am not saying release every piece of info you have, but don’t be afraid to talk to other teams if you are unsure of something. They may offer a different possibility that didn’t cross your mind. That’s how you learn, by talking to people and asking. If the person or team you are asking is trust worthy, they are not going to “run off with your evidence and take credit for it”. However be willing to do the same when one comes to you for advice as well.

Do you think it’s important to share findings with others in the paranormal community?

It depends on the situation, the findings, the reasons for sharing etc.

You run across a team that you feel gives a bad name to the field.  How do you handle the situation?  Do you confront them about it?

I am JRo…. I will investigate it first and then you can read about it in my blog or watch me speak about it on my youtube channel. Some even retaliate and give me cute little nicknames 😉

Do you feel it is important to do a background investigation on the location (land/building) that you’re going to investigate?

Yes I do feel it’s important to research the location. It could turn up some quick findings such as minerals in the ground, any fault lines in the area, water tables etc. All of these have the potential to debunk some activities.