Paranormal Q&A with JRo (Jesse Roth) (Chapter 1)

JRO (Jesse Roth)

Who are you?

JRo Jesse Roth. I am formerly a research investigator for SONA Paranormal. More recently I am getting into the journalistic aspect of the paranormal field by writing blogs and producing an internet radio show.

Explain your Methodology?

When asked to do an investigation by a client, I have a list of questions I run down with the client. While some questions such as asking “Are you/ were you ever on drugs either legal or otherwise, alcohol use, mental health issues etc… I do explain to them are ONLY for my teams use, I am not the police, I just need to know who I am dealing with. Most are very compliant and do not have an issue with me asking such questions. The key to that part though is always be sensitive to the client. I also run geographical histories on the property, I scour news articles for any public info I can find on the property and I interview anyone willing to share history or experiences with the property. Once inside the property, I search for anything physical that could possibly be a contributor to activity. For example, Bad Chemical storage, Bad wiring, peeling paint, has anything been renovated could explain squeaks or creeks, is the building settling, is it single family or multiple family buildings etc. I then proceed to do an investigation if necessary. When the investigation is complete, I will review the evidence and then show the client what we found or in some cases, what we didn’t find. While this doesn’t cover every step, it’s a basic run down of how I go about investigating.

Favorite Haunts?

I don’t have one specific favorite place. Any location thats haunted will do just fine for me.

Personal Experiences?

I share a lot of my personal experiences with my son. While I have had several before and since his birth, the ones that impact me the most are the ones shared with him. We have shared psychic and shadow person experiences.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

It’s always just been a way of life for me, however a few years back I was awaiting the judgement on my disability case and I found myself bored with sitting at home all the time so I wound up joining a team, the original team I started with was not the right fit for me so after a year I ended up joining SONA Paranormal. While I am no longer with SONA, I still keep in touch with them and have a close relationship with them.

What’s next?

Paranormal Journalism. I wish to relaunch my paranormal radio show and spend time working on my blogs again.

Do you think that paranormal shows (radio/TV/Internet) give groups bad reputation?

I really think the reputation of said group is determined by their actions themselves. I don’t think radio/tv/internet makes or breaks your reputation, If the group itself is worthy of a bad reputation, they will get just that whether they have any type of show or not.

Who is the person in the paranormal field you look up to the most or want to be like?

I have actually gotten to know and respect several people in the field. It wouldn’t be fair to name just one…..Oh to heck with it…. Bob Christopher and actually his entire team, N.E.P.A. Paranormal. They are such wonderful people. I have had the pleasure of working with them and getting to know them. They are the type of people that need to be in this field. They are ALWAYS helpful, they never will be condescending towards those seeking to learn. When I first got into this field seriously there were so many people that were so … I don’t even know what to say nicely so here goes…Stuck up. I was bowled over by how rude and mean people could be, but Bob and his team always take out time to help, assist, teach and just be there for even just the simplest of questions. It’s people like N.E.P.A. and a handful of other teams I know I really look up to and respect in this field.

Have you made a page on

No I have not. I feel weird writing about myself LOL, Even this survey has me anxiety ridden but I promised I would do it LOL

Name some Random Facts about you?

Redhead, funny, hard on myself sometimes. People either love me or hate me.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I am a skeptical believer. While I am 100% convinced spirits exist, I will try everything and anything possible to debunk activity before I cave in and think to myself “yeah that wasn’t normal”