Hitler Attacks South America…errr I mean Lives Out Final days In?

Hitler talking to a little girl, unknown year.

So as the peruse through my news feed today and an article pops up (read it here) about Hitler in South America, which is nothing new really for conspiracy/history buffs. To me anything is possible, the chaos as Berlin fell is well documented and very little evidence exists to prove what really happened to Hitler & Eva Braun on those final days, yes I know their are claims that Hitler was seen slumped over a desk but the body wasn’t check to see if it was him or even if he was alive.  The evidence presented would undoubtedly be circumstantial in my mind.  Anyway we already know a good number of Nazis did go to South America to live out there final days, so why not the biggest one of them all? In the article it points out the had a black wife to throw off the trail of him being the Fuhrer and some would say he’d never do that: my response to that is that its depends on this question: is his hatred for them more then his desire to live? A valid question that I think people should ponder…. So was he really alive to his 95th birthday? Hell if I know, bottom line is he’s more then likely rotting in some demons orifice about now…. Then again maybe Elvis, JFK, Tupac, Biggie, and him are all sharing a condo in Atlantis that they rent from a Yeti…..


John C. Fowler