F.A.Q. or Searches on the Site 2013… Answered!

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Here is the 2013 list of terms searched for on the site or asked to us via the site… here is a list  which we attempt to answer those questions & yes everyone of these was asked to us or typed in our search box more then a few times….

  1. Same as last year what (was/is) the Black Moon Manor’s Address?
    1. Black Moon Manor was located at 5575 West 300 North Buck Creek Township, Greenfield, Indiana.
  2. Paranormal Journeys Expo
    1. No surprise here, as we ran our first ever Paranormal Expo last year with www.paranormaldictionary.com! For information a video of last years expo & for more info on 2014 HERE.
  3. Ark of the Covenant
    1. After a Cannon Shots piece by Jon Bolton, we were sent a link by a fan as they both are interesting reads! To read our piece click HERE and the readers send in link HERE.
  4. Eastern State Penitentiary
    1. Possibly one if not the most famous prison in the country for not just the History but the Paranormal! We investigated it in August 2008.
  5. midnightwatchman.com?
    1. You’re here… thank you! 😀
  6. Oak Island, Nova Scotia
    1. A piece was written on the mysterious island by our founder can be read HERE.
  7. Gettysburg, PA
    1. Orphanage – We investigated many times and our mentioned on a few tours.
    2. Jennie Wade House – Our first official investigation was here as we’ve investigated many times and our mentioned on the tours.
  8. Also without naming any names out of respect, quite a few search terms have come up looking for nude pictures of some of the lovely ladies of paranormal tv shows – folks you won’t find that here. So stop searching our site for them!! We investigate the paranormal and hopefully get people thinking about what could really be out there!