State of the Watchmen – 2013

Sometimes as I write these State of the Watchmen year reviews, It’s hard to pinpoint where to start. Its been a wild year, to say the least but here we go! We successfully ran Paranormal Journeys Expo in September – a years worth of work paying off big time with‘s help! (Which by the way also had a milestone in 2013, the site reached over a MILLION views!) As for us we’ve added a few new trainee’s/members Torry Good, Korey McClellan & Christa Nesbitt. We’ve Investigated a few more historic places, a few private homes and in my eyes we took a step up in the paranormal community with not just talking the talk of working with teams, but showing it! We also hosted our first Public Ghost hunt at Boehm’s Church in Blue Bell, PA – which was a blast and hopefully the beginning of many more! 😉  Paranormal Journeys brought together so many different type of groups, not just ages of people/group, but skills, ways of thinking. Everyone learned something and that leads us to:

2014 –  What’s Next? Well Paranormal Journeys will be held at historic Boehm’s Church in Blue Bell, PA on Sept 20th, 10am to 6pm. Oh and we will be having a public investigation the night before with special guests leading it. 😉 Our annual Gettysburg trip is coming up in January.  There is some talk of expansion out that way as well, but nothing final… We will be doing movie nights in and around Bucks County to help not just promote us, but help some good causes along the way.  Also we are in process of setting up some Public Ghost Hunts to help a few historic locations, so keep an eye out for news on that.

As I will repeat from last year: in closing I’d like to thank my team from our current members to the ones who are no longer with us, as all of you have had an influence on what the Midnight Watchmen have become and will be tomorrow.  Their are not words for me to express my joy and happiness in doing what we do, for me it was a dream since I was child to be a “ghostbuster”, this the next best thing to that, only thing we’re missing is an Ecto-1, but if that’s all we’re missing that ain’t too bad….