Sides of the Paranormal Coin

"Medium" Eve Carriere 1912 Photo
“Medium” Eve Carriere 1912 Photo

It’s funny in some ways I feel like there is nothing new to say on here, while I’m well aware of topics that could be touched on none are interesting to me at the moment.  And after this weekend I’ve been thinking more about the different sides of the paranormal community. Some of us focus on Urban Legends, crypt ids, others ghosts, and some of us on the U.F.O.’s – We all under the same umbrella of ‘above the norm’.  Yet most don’t realize we are a family, exploring and trying to solve the great mystery of what is out there! Some of us use or try to science to explain it all, some of us trust our “gifts” some just go out and see what happens.  In the end the hunt is all we share, as well as the experiences along the way….

So here is to the Ghost-UFO-Cryptid Investigator/Hunter/Researcher may you find what you seek and learn along the way…



John C. Fowler