Reflections on Paranormal Journeys 2013

Here I sit at 10:30pm writing this and i’m looking back at the event – the changes & challenges and all I can say it was a blast and of course…. THANK YOU to:

  • my team (Joe Camburn, Trevor Gibson, Jonathan Brandis & Christina Smith)
  • Jeff Robbins (my wookie brother)
  • John Beard (hotel setup and all his hard work with us)
  • NJ ROPE (Frank, Kerry, Katie, and rest of the team!)
  • Kenny Biddle (Why?)
  • Rebecca & Erik Brumble
  • Danielle Stimpson (Great lecture, radio host and friend!)
  • Jennifer Stein (Thank you for letting us borrow your projector!)
  • Kendra of Ghostly Images of Gettysburg
  • Private Paranormal Investigators
  • Traci Law (Your print in proudly displayed in Watchmen HQ)
  • Pinelands Paranormal (space 12)
  • S&D Paranormal Society (They learned more the last two days then they thought the would!)
  • Connie Bell-Dixon (Your impromptu lecture was a hit!)
  • Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee – East Coast
  • ParaStudy
  • New Jersey Ghost Organization
  • 11th Hour Paranormal Research Society (Chad did a kick ass presentation of Ethics in the Paranormal)
  • John Sabol
  • Society of Paranormal Research & Education (Yummy brownies)
  • Gerry Medvec (Did an awesome job filling in for emergency lecture!)
  • Dave Juliano & South Jersey Ghost Research/The GhostHunter Store (For their support and friendship)
  • Fairless Hills Paranormal
  • Reiki with Becki
  • Kendra Kittle (1st lecture and she rocked it)
  • Pam Frisco
  • Mark Cloudfoot (amazingly insightful)
  • Manna on the Main for coming out and letting us help them with their vision “that everyone might be fed.”

And of course for attending/promoting and supporting – Chuck Sanders; Lisa Terio; Greg O’Brien; Randy Plessor, Glenn Orwin; Matt James(first VIP Pass ever); Bob Christopher and family; Jro;  Anyone I may have forgot i’m sorry, But Thank You! Without any of you, this event would not have happened. Of course that means this event wasn’t about me but all of you…. Time to plan next years….


John C. Fowler

PJE Banner 2013