Paranormal Q&A with S&D Paranormal (Chapter 2)


Who are you?

S&D Paranormal Society, LLC: Sara Lowell (Co-Founder), Dawn Gibson (Co-Founder), Summer Best (Investigator), Joanna Burdine (Investigator)

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Who do you think you were in your past life (or lives)?

(Sara and Dawn): Yes.
(Dawn): After visiting a psychic, she informed me I have many past lives. I have been a warrior, I have walked and lived when Christ did, and I was a child in a gang who died at a very young age due to sickness.

(Summer and Joanna): No.

What are your thoughts on Para Unity?

We strongly believe in Para Unity as long as there is good communication.

Have you ever investigated a Church? What are your thoughts on this?

We have not investigated a church but we did investigate a cemetery located on the same grounds as a church.

When having a joint investigation with another team(s), how do you select the team(s) or members of other teams that you invite?

Who we choose depends on our needs for that particular investigation. Each group brings something different to the table as well as each individual. Everyone has a certain skill that they have mastered. If there is a missing link in our group or a skill we have not acquired, we reach out to those who are educated with that task.

What do you tell someone looking to join a team, what should they look for or ask?

Do your research!! There are teams out there unfortunately who are not doing this for the right reason. Be sure this is something you want to involve yourself in because it is very time consuming. Your dedication is necessary especially with evidence reviews and historical research.

Any advice to a group just starting out?

Get your team established. Figure out what kind of group you want to be; a group with a hobby in the paranormal or a business. Plan out your goals for the year and come up with a group structure to establish the communication between everyone.

Do you think it’s important to share findings with others in the paranormal community?

Yes. The evidence from one team’s investigation could possibly fill in the blanks for another team. We’re doing this to advance the paranormal field and communicating with everyone is going to make that stronger.

You run across a team that you feel gives a bad name to the field. How do you handle the situation? Do you confront them about it?

Everyone has a perception and teams need to be respectful of that. Although, if a team is giving the field a bad name, someone should communicate that to them. It could be they don’t realize its happening or maybe they have hit a rough time investigating. Be mature and speak up about it but don’t be relentless.

Do you feel it is important to do a background investigation on the location (land/building) that you’re going to investigate?

Definitely! Doing a background investigation is one of the most important parts. It can tell you a lot about a location that a client or yourself may not have known. It can also give you some possible leads to determine what the activity may be.