Paranormal Q&A with S&D Paranormal (Chapter 1)


Who are you?

S&D Paranormal Society, LLC: Sara Lowell (Co-Founder), Dawn Gibson (Co-Founder), Summer Best (Investigator), Joanna Burdine (Investigator)

Explain your Methodology?

Our team is focused on the client and what we can do to ease their experiences by determining if it is true paranormal activity they are experiencing, or something that can be explained by natural causes. Our equipment is basic (Dowsing Rods, K2, Ghost Box, Camera, Voice Recorder, etc). If our investigations do not involve a client such as a field investigation, our purpose is to research areas and determine if there is activity. Every investigation our team encounters is to better the field of paranormal from a scientific perception and to help those around us feel comfortable with what they cannot explain.

Favorite Haunts?

(Dawn and Sara): Our favorite haunt was the investigation we did in Room 17 of The Salem Inn in Salem, MA. It was the best EVP session we had to date in which we had very successful answers to our questions. The history of Salem itself is enough to take your breath away. It was a very educational trip for us and would enjoy going back to investigate again.
(Summer): Some of my first paranormal experiences happened when I was at tech school and noticed that my iPod would turn on and off. After awhile, I started asking “if something is making my iPod shut off please do it again” and it would happen. Then I would ask more questions, having it turn on and off to answer what I was asking.

Personal Experiences?

(Summer): Besides tech school, I have many experiences wherever I live. Sometimes I discount what happens to that fact that I have very old furniture dating back to early 1900’s. Yet, on many occasions when I have male friends over, that’s when I start experiencing things. I have seen a dark shadow figure in my room with a long black trench coat and fedora, I have also seen an older woman from Victorian times with the long poofy dress around my apartment. Sometimes the activity is light and other times it feels very dark. Hopefully I will be able to get some answers after investigating my current apartment with the team.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

(Sara): My mother always had experiences as she was growing up. This always fascinated me and as I got older, I decided to visit abandoned buildings and cemeteries with my friends because I enjoyed learning and experiencing the paranormal.
(Dawn): I have always had a love for the paranormal growing up; scary movies with ghosts, etc. The whole idea that entities may not have crossed over and could be present caught my attention. As I got older and started to understand more about it, I had to research more and learn everything the paranormal entails. I enjoy working in a field that is not accepted by everyone.

What’s next?

S&D Paranormal Society, LLC has 3-4 Investigations scheduled for August, 2 paranormal conventions as well as more pending investigations for September (editor note: one of those conventions is our own Paranormal Journeys Expo!), and our 6th trip to Gettysburg, PA in October. The team is also working on training our two new investigators Summer and Joanna.

Do you think that paranormal shows (radio/TV/Internet) give groups a bad reputation?

To a degree yes. It’s fun to watch the shows but they don’t show a realistic timeline of an investigation and all the hard work that went into finding the client a resolution. Some shows also appear to make the paranormal field out to be a joke or unrealistic. What people don’t understand is that these are real life events happening to real life people. On the other hand, there are shows that perceive the paranormal world in the correct manner, and for that we are grateful. You just can’t trust every show on TV.

Who is the person in the paranormal field you look up to the most or want to be like?

(Summer): I look up to Kim the Happy Medium. She is one of the reasons I started learning about the paranormal and wanting to help people.
(Joanna): I look up to anyone with more experience than myself considering I’m new to the field. Anyone who can give me advice and help me grow is appreciated.
(Dawn): Lorraine Warren – I appreciate her dedication to the field and how she has remained active thru all these years. She truly is an inspiring woman who has not given up. Even if you are not into the paranormal, she is still an iconic woman.
(Sara): Grant (even though he is not on the show anymore) and Jason from Ghost Hunters. I love their personalities and the fact that they try to disprove before saying it’s paranormal. They want to help people and keep in contact. They’re eager for the next adventure and they manage their team well.

Have you made a page on


Name some Random Facts about you?

(Summer): I collect vintage clothes and antique furniture. I have danced since I was 5 years old and competed in Ballroom Dancing.
(Joanna): I want to be a private detective when I leave the military and love to learn about the history of old places. I love Hello Kitty, cooking, and reading.
(Sara): I train competitively for CrossFit and have played tennis, gymnastics, and cheer leading. I love dancing, going to the beach, and reading in my spare time.
(Dawn): I have been a trained 5k runner since I was 11 years old. I played soccer and basketball growing up and ran Cross Country for high school. I also enjoy frozen grapes on a nice hot day!

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

Everyone on our team is a believer.