Paranormal Q&A with Sarah Mack-Shotts (Chapter 3)

Sarah Mack-Shotts at Sach's bridge in Gettysburg, PA
Sarah Mack-Shotts at Sach’s bridge in Gettysburg, PA

Who are you?

I am the founder, lead investigator and group empath.

What are your thoughts on networking with other teams or investigators?

Shotts In The Dark Paranormal typically sticks to themselves. We aren’t against networking but we just never felt the need.

Hunter, Investigator, Researcher – What do you want to be referred to and why?

In my opinion only, we are ALL one of the same. We are all hunting, we are all investigating and we are all researching. We just each do it at different stages.

What is your most memorable paranormal experience?

My most recent was with the deceased friend of our investigator in training, Tim. Tim protected our freedom while overseas and lost a very close friend while there due to an explosion. When Tim came back to the states he would see this individual on occasion. Too make a very long story (you can get the whole story over at our fb page): The friend came and visited me a few days ago and told me that he has been trying to reach out to Tim and tell him that it wasn’t his fault and he is okay. I haven’t been quite the same since.

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve crossed a spirit over?

Yes and it was probably one of the most interesting experiences that I have ever had. I can’t explain the feeling that I get when I help someone unite with their others.

Did you have experiences while growing up?

Yes and there are a few that stand out but I always chalked it up to thinking I was crazy and needed ‘help’,

What is your favorite Paranormal Show (TV/Internet/Radio)?

I enjoy Haunted Collector and oddly enough I love Deep South Paranormal (don’t throw anything at me)!

What are your thoughts about Provoking?

I do not believe in provoking. Would you want someone to come into your personal space, home, etc and start cursing at you? Hell no, you would be pissed off too.

What are your thoughts about Orbs? Dust or spirit? How do you tell the difference?

Shotts In The Dark Paranormal believes in Orbs. There is a difference between dust and spirits. Have you ever seen a dust orb or what we can an environmental orb? They are glares from the sun, dust on your camera lens etc. The only orbs that I consider spirit are the ones with faces in them. It is pretty obvious too-no matrix-just face.

Would you ever use a Medium or Psychic on your team?

We have two sensitives and an Empath, I believe we do not have any more room for ‘gifts’