Paranormal Q&A with Sarah Mack-Shotts (Chapter 1)

Sarah Mack-Shotts at Sach's bridge in Gettysburg, PA
Sarah Mack-Shotts at Sach’s bridge in Gettysburg, PA

Who are you?

I am the founder, lead investigator and group empath.

Explain your Methodology?

Ghost Meter, Digital Camera and Senses

Favorite Haunts?


Personal Experiences?

I have had many that have included my ‘pap-pap’, my grandmother Josie, A soldier named Robert whom was picked up on the Ghost Box in the Triangular Field (Gettysburg-plus I have two witnesses) and just recently a soldier whom is a friend of one of our investigators in training.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

I have always believed and stand by the motto that ‘You must believe to receive’.

What’s next?

Private Homes and another trip to Gettysburg (I go 5x a year)

Do you think that paranormal shows (radio/TV/Internet) give groups a bad reputation?

No. Shows are there simply for entertainment value. I am not one of those people that believe everything that they see on TV, so watching the paranormal television shows fall into the same.

Who is the person in the paranormal field you look up to the most or want to be like?

As odd as it sounds, I like meeting new people as I feel I can learn something new from each person. So there isn’t a certain person that I ‘look up to’ or ‘want to be like’.

Have you made a page on

No, should I? (Editor’s Note: Yes Sarah Should 😉 as well as all paranormal peeps – Check out why for yourself with the above link.)

Name some Random Facts about you?

I am double jointed, I love Elephants and White Sage (not together), I work with people that have intellectual disabilities.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I am a believer, end of story.