Paranormal Q&A with Stormy Gower (Chapter 3)

Stormy Gower

Who Are You?

Stormy Gower of Shotts in the Dark Paranormal.

What are your thoughts on networking with other teams or investigators?

Can be a positive experience but be careful of running into groups like Worst Paranormal or other teams that don’t do background checks.

Hunter, Investigator, Researcher – What do you want to be referred to and why?

Researcher. Because I gather evidence and data to put together what’s going on.

What is your most memorable paranormal experience?

The night before my house fire I had an apparition appear at my then boyfriends house.

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve crossed a spirit over? 


Did you have experiences while growing up?

Yes. My parents were super abusive and would chase each other around the house with knives. I remember a winged man hid me behind the couch while they were fighting and it got out of hand. My mom was looking for me and he wouldn’t let me out of hiding until she left and my dad got me.

What is your favorite Paranormal Show (TV/Internet/Radio?

I’ve only watched a few. I like Deep South paranormal. Most seem staged.

What are your thoughts about Provoking?

I won’t. I will ask them to show themselves if they don’t I let them go.

What are your thoughts about Orbs? Dust or spirit? How do you tell the difference?

Usually by the shape, color, and room. Sometimes I can’t and just file it under findings.

Would you ever use a Medium or Psychic on your team?

Sure. But I would research said person to see if they’re legit. I am a sensitive myself so I can usually tell who is not being honest. Being a skeptic I even doubt my own “intuition.” I think mediums are helpful but they are human and fallible.