Paranormal Q&A with Stormy Gower (Chapter 2)

Stormy GowerWho are you?

Stormy Gower of Shotts in the Dark Paranormal.

Do you believe in Reincarnation? Who do you think you were in your past life (or lives)?

I’m not sure.

What are your thoughts on Para Unity?

Never going to happen.

Have you ever investigated a Church? What are your thoughts on this?

I haven’t personally but I would only do so with clergy and a demonologist present.

When having a joint investigation with another team(s), how do you select the team(s) or members of other teams that you invite?

I don’t select them our manager Sarah does.

What do you tell someone looking to join a team, what should they look for or ask?

Watch how a person carries herself/himself, look for professionalism, and watch their online personality.

Any advice to a group just starting out?

Don’t get involved in the drama. If someone attacks your findings, listen don’t get defensive.

Do you think it’s important to share findings with others in the paranormal community?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

You run across a team that you feel gives a bad name to the field. How do you handle the situation? Do you confront them about it?

No I do not confront them I just avoid collaborations with them.

Do you feel it is important to do a background investigation on the location (land/building) that you’re going to investigate?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. If I get to come out multiple times (my preference) I like to compare findings with history.