Paranormal Q&A with Stormy Gower (Chapter 1)

Stormy GowerWho are you?

Stormy Gower of Shotts in the Dark Paranormal.

Explain your Methodology?

Mix of modern science and older technology such as dosing rods and EVPs and even some motion cameras.

Favorite Haunts?

Old homesteads.

Personal Experiences?

I restore old houses. There has been a lot of unexplained happenings in some houses we’ve been working on. Most recent we have blue prints for our kitchen and they ended up in our living room on a table with a pencil.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

I joined the team for something to do on my weekends off. I got into researching the paranormal as a teenager. I knew that there had to be more to death than just a cessation of function. I set out to figure out what happens when people die.

What’s next?

Continue my research.

Do you think that paranormal shows (radio/TV/Internet) give groups a bad reputation?

I’m indifferent to them.

Who is the person in the paranormal field you look up to the most or want to be like?

My professor at my college. A good blend of skeptic and believer with the facts to back up their theory and thoughts.

Have you made a page on


Name some Random Facts about you?

I restore old houses as a hobby. I also don’t have a defined religion. I’m a blend of Native American, Wiccan, and Christianity.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

I’m both. I skeptically believe.