Paranormal Q&A Dan Guthrie (Chapter 3)

Dan GuthrieWho Are You?

Dan Guthrie

What are your thoughts on networking with other teams or investigators?

Yes and love it.

Hunter, Investigator, Researcher – What do you want to be referred to and why?

All of the above. That is what we do.

What is your most memorable paranormal experience?

When a female voice whispered in my ear “I’m naked!” I replied “Prove it!”

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve crossed a spirit over?


Did you have experiences while growing up?

Many. I talked about it in my book called “A Haunted Life” (editors not see below to view book on amazon)

What is your favorite Paranormal Show (TV/Internet/Radio?

Love them all.

What are your thoughts about Provoking?

Never. When someone calls you and asks you to come into there home, the family is already scared. You have to remember that when you piss off a spirit, when you leave the home the family will have to deal with the pissed off spirit.

What are your thoughts about Orbs? Dust or spirit? How do you tell the difference?

You can never get a nonbeliever to believe a ball of light is a spirit.

Would you ever use a Medium or Psychic on your team?

Yes and have them in my group. I tell them if you pick something up get proof of it. Not just say so. If you see a spirit, then get a picture of it. If you hear one, then get it on audio.