Paranormal Q&A Dan Guthrie (Chapter 1)

Dan GuthrieWho are you?

Dan Guthrie

Explain your Methodology?

Debunk everything 1st and go from there.

Favorite Haunts?

Florida House Inn, Fernandina Beach, FL

Personal Experiences?

Been picked up and pinned up against walls, Bitten, Slapped, Knocked down, Punched, and Possessed by spirits.

Why did you get into the Paranormal?

To Help Other Understand and Deal with the Unknown.

What’s next?

I run Haunted Entertainment full of great speakers that can teach people more about the unknown.

Do you think that paranormal shows (radio/TV/Internet) give groups a bad reputation?

Only those people that use it for the wrong reasons.

Who is the person in the paranormal field you look up to the most or want to be like?

No one. There are only people out there that might know more then others and should share with others to help understand what’s out there.

Have you made a page on

Not yet.

Name some Random Facts about you?

I help those who need help and won’t stop until I’m able to find or get the right help.

Are you a skeptic or a believer?

Both. Every new place I go to, I go in as a Skeptic. Once I get good proof, then I’m a believer.