Paranormal Q&A Tracy Hultay (Chapter 3)

Tracy  HultayWho Are You?

Tracy Hultay

What are your thoughts on networking with other teams or investigators?

Love it , would do it all the time.. Networking is the best way to go forward towards a common goal and making amazing friends along the way.

Hunter, Investigator, Researcher – What do you want to be referred to and why?

All of the above because a good investigator should be all three 🙂

What is your most memorable paranormal experience?

Answered in the previous chapter.  (Click here to read)

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve crossed a spirit over?

Well, there was one time, i went with my brother to a taping of a TV show. We spent many hours in this cemetery so
i was on my own and while talking to the caretaker, he told me of a little girl spirit that was supposed to be there.
I took the ghost box and tried to talk to her..I thought I heard a child voice and at the end of the night, we left and
went home.. A couple days after , my daughter’s toys started going on and off by themselves.. Very strange, and even on
command.. I wondered if maybe that little girl had followed me home.. We did another ghost box session and asked her to
manipulate a toy we had out.. It did.. on command.. We told her that she needed to move on and go to her family that is
waiting for her and if she sees a light to go towards it.. We heard her yelling no, no.. and then all of the sudden, the
toy went silent and we didn’t hear her anymore.. Did we cross her over?. I don’t know. But that is the closest i have come
to it.

Did you have experiences while growing up?

yes answered in previous chapter.  (Click here to read)

What is your favorite Paranormal Show (TV/Internet/Radio?

I love Ghost Adventures, My Haunted house, paranormal witness, celebrity ghost stories, ghost hunters

What are your thoughts about Provoking?

No provoking.. Be respectful! they were once people too..

What are your thoughts about Orbs? Dust or spirit? How do you tell the difference?

Depends.. I think most are dust, bugs, pollen, etc.. My theory if it’s a true orb they will emit
their own light and seem to have a sense of direction when they move about.. But when in doubt,
throw it out.

Would you ever use a Medium or Psychic on your team?

Sure why not. If they can help on an investigation for communication or they can validate what some equipment
picks up, i am all for it. Some people are lucky enough to have the gift, they should use it.