Paranormal 101: Walk Throughs Before Investigation/Hunt

Our friends over at SCREAM PARANORMAL RESEARCH posted this video to help illustrate the importance of walk through(s) before an investigation/hunt.

This video was lighthearted and showed the simple problems of what happens without conducting a good walk through(s) earlier, but in buildings that are in various states of disrepair, the dangers are increased and people can get hurt. (Case in point – we investigated a hotel under renovations and had to place boards over holes in the floor that people could fall down to the floor below… SAFETY FIRST!). When doing outside investigations its good to note holes in the ground or objects that can be tripped over.

Now that safety has been taken care of.  The other point of walk through(s) is too see the “hot spots” or major activity areas.  It also allows you to see where you want and can place things like recorders, video, etc. (Ghost Adventures marks spots for cameras with an ‘X’ for example).  Once you have your “hot spots” mapped you can then start investigating! Major advantage of walk through(s) on larger locations is helps people remember where they going, so either get a map from the owner/representative or make your own!

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