Famous Dopplegangers

Left: Cage. Right: Unknown man from 1860's.
Left: Cage. Right: Unknown man from 1860’s.

I’ve been thinking about the way life has a funny  way of teaching you things you never imagined or dreamed, but the road has many bumps and challenges. I’ve given up counting the days/pieces that fit together the synchronicity of it all, but at times even that is nothing like seeing the past come alive: case in point i’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of Nicholas Cage and an unknown “civil war era” man – who look remarkably alike, some theories are Nicholas Cage is a vampire lol I think maybe genetics is more the cause here… or maybe a Past-life experience intruding on present time. 😉 Still the amazing similarities between these two men is crazy. But of course theirs more! John Travolta also has a doppelganger from the 1860’s (coincidence in the time frames here?), while I don’t know about Cage’s beliefs – Travolta is a a member of the Church of Scientology, which believes in reincarnation… so maybe it is him. What? You need more?  How about Raphael’s masterpiece from 16th Century painting with Rambo/Rocky himself Sylvester Stallone guest starring? You got it! The world and history is full of amazing things… some explainable, some unique, all of them makes me think the world & time really sometimes does come full circle….

Stallone Doppleganger
Left: 16th century painting. Right: Stallone in “Rocky”.


John C. Fowler