What Happens When You Die?


Well the old saying is nothing is final but death and taxes, but is that really all their is? This grind we all go through paying bills, working, loving (I hope for all of you anyway), and counting down the moments to the end?? For longer then I can remember I’ve thought about that, growing up hearing about Jesus and Heaven then as I grew more into my own I expand upon that idea with the question of ”what if’…. By that I mean if you take religion out of it that faith that there is something more.. what do we have left? The answer in my view isn’t much… this isn’t a knock on any religion just an observation.  As a wise pastor once said “If you believe and your wrong were is the harm in that?”  I think the same applies to paranormal investigation – its almost become its on religion. Scary thought for some of us who look into the unknown i’m sure… but its true.

Back to my point I’ll simply say that something happens when we die. I’ve witnessed love ones pass away in front of me.  Can I say for sure that that moment the soul left and went to heaven or wherever? No I can not, i’d like to think they are in a better place and not just gone… While I’ve captured E.V.P.’s on investigations, I can not say 100% they are spirits from human beings – honestly they can be, but not limited too: Human Souls, Demons, Other world entities like aliens or something from another dimension, echos in space time, unknown  RF interference, audio matrixing, etc.  Quite a list right? All possible, really in this life I’ve learned a few things…. 1) Things happen for a reason.  2) Positive thoughts actions bring positive results 3) LOVE is all you need to be happy.  Of course I’ve learned allot more as well, but then again who wants to read about the time I burnt myself on something and learned not to touch hot things lol

My point is things are what they are at times, we all move forward learning along the way.  That path we travel is our own, but others are on it as well somewhere, maybe different places, but they with you. So don’t be negative if someone doesn’t see eye to eye with you they haven’t reached that point in the road yet to understand or maybe you haven’t…. See my point?


John C. Fowler


“The sun on your face and remember the place we met
Take a breath and soon I bet you’ll see
Without you I would never be me
You are the leaves of my family tree….”