F.A.Q. or Searches on the Site 2008 to the end of 2012… Answered!

H.P. Lovecraft and Tesla as Paranormal Investigators from the blog Drawn.
H.P. Lovecraft and Tesla as Paranormal Investigators from the blog Drawn.

Over the years of running midnightwatchmen.com we’ve had are fair of terms searched for on the site or asked to us via the site… here is a list of 10 which we attempt to answer those questions & yes everyone of these was asked to us or typed in our search box more then a few times….

  1. What (was/is) the Black Moon Manor’s Address?
    1. Black Moon Manor was located at 5575 West 300 North Buck Creek Township, Greenfield, Indiana
  2. PA Route 563 closed for filming movie?
    1. Columbia University film students Joanna Lagstein and Lara Gallagher, and about 20 others, will shoot a short film titled “American Gladiators,” on the rural, wooded stretch between Old Bethlehem Road and Deerwood Lane near Nockamixon State Park (August 2012). Read The Full Story HERE.
  3. Who was the man hanged in Knecht’s bridge in bucks county?
    1. As we discussed before most cover bridge legends involve horse thieves being hung.
  4. Where is the Paranormal Database?
    1. It now located over at ParanormalDictionary.com! Check it out!
  5. Where is Jonathan Brandis’ grave site?
    1. Our Mr. Brandis is alive and well, while the actor who i’m sure this was in regards to can be found HERE.
  6. Paranormal sightings near Schuylkill County, Pa?
    1. Nothing of the top of my head.. but try Paranormal Dictionary!
  7. midnightwatchman.com?
    1. You’re here… thank you! 😀
  8. Bottomless Hole in Washington State?
    1. I’m guessing this is in reference to Mel’s Hole.. read the Wikipedia article HERE.
  9. Brian J. Cano events?
    1. I’m sure a great place to check would be to check out SCARED! website… HERE.
  10. Can A Ghost Posses Your Cat?
    1. I don’t believe its out of the realm of possibility, but in my eyes cats are already possessed.. just kidding. But I do believe its possibility that animals in general, as us humans really are just animals with a “higher thought capacity”, can be possessed.


John C. Fowler