Personal Experiences – Gettysburg 2013

Jennie Wade House

Had a lot of fun setting up and tweaking the laser to figure out where the bullet came from, possibly the most annoying to set up cameras due to strange angles, but still was fun to set up, at least for me. Noticed no real activity personally, this was the fist use of the “ghost meter pro” which I disliked by the end of the night, this is also the first time we used the ghost radar app, which I put absolutely no faith in, I believe the spirit board with Brandis operating it and spelling out “this is bullshit” more than either of those two pieces of “equipment”.

Orphanage/Solider’s Museum

More usage of the ghost meter pro, more debunking questions used also, distrust the ghost meter pro even more this night, creepiest feeling came from the kid mannequin, but likely that is just personal paranoia than actual activity, thought there was the legitimate creepy feeling I got from the one hallway when setting up the game cam, but it was just that once, most of the night was pretty much dull, and all of the places of “high activity” seemed more inviting to me than the non active parts of the place.

Hall of Presidents

Set up went well cameras and DVR set up also I felt in good spots, as were the game cams, lots of apparent flatulence from various members, investigation started, however I needed to leave early, this night was cut short due to a personal mishap involving my dinner possibly cooked next to a seafood dish, causing a gastronomical inconsistency. Spider Ike

Side Notes:

An experiment was done using the spirit board using a person with “ability” and one not known to posses such. Just to see the outcome, which was indeterminate, since the “control” admitted to “feeling” like the piece “wanted” to move. Perhaps retry with more variety of people, and for certain a skeptic. Overall a fun set of investigations, had great fun, lots of jokes, had some great food.


Trevor Gibson