Halloween Episodes, You May Not Have Known Existed But Should!

I think a change of pace is needed. So this is a quick throw out to the paranormal episodes of shows that really weren’t thought of as having paranormal episodes 🙂 First we have:

  • GI JOE: A Real American Hero; Season 1, Episode 18 “The Phantom Brigade” (1985) – Cobra Commander and the Baroness hire a Gypsy to summon three ghosts; a Centurion warrior, a Mongolian Amazon, and a World War I American pilot ace, to destroy G.I. Joe. The Baroness informs the Joes to locate a Roman coin, a wedding ring, and heart-shaped locket from Cobra Commander, and then bury the items to make the ghosts disappear.
  • GI JOE: A Real American Hero; Season 2, Episode 35 “Excalibur” (1985) – G.I. Joe sets up a radar tracking station in England. While Storm Shadow finds King Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur at the bottom of a lake and uses its strength to attack the Joes and destroy their station.
  • GI JOE: A Real American Hero; Season 1, Episode 22 “G.I. Joe and the Golden Fleece” (1986) – Joes and Cobras race to capture a golden coil dropped from a UFO, and the device sends them back in time to ancient Greece, where they are mistaken for deities.
  • GI JOE: Season 2, Episode 28 “El Dorado: The Lost City of Gold” (1991) – Grunt discovers the Lost City of Gold, will Cobra soon follow?
GI JOE “The Phantom Brigade”

Yup GI JOE the animated series had more than a few episodes that dealt with paranormal… I bet you didn’t exactly remember that growing up watching it, did you?

  • X-Files; Season 2, Episode 11 “Excelsis Dei” (1994) -Mulder and Scully’s latest case begins with the rape and battery of a nurse in a Massachusetts convalescent home. What makes it an X-File is her claim that her attacker was invisible. But upon their arrival, they discover that the unrest is not limited only to the live in residents. 
x-files Excelsis_Dei
X-Files “Excelsis Dei”
  • X-Files; Season 2, Episode 23 “Soft Light” (1995) – An ex-student of Scully’s asks the agents to help her with her first investigation concerning a number of disappearances with very few clues. Mulder ponders the idea of spontaneous human combustion but rethinks it when they find a man who is afraid of his own shadow. The man is Dr. Banton, a scientist researching dark matter.
  • X-Files; Season 5, Episode 12 “Bad Blood” (1998) – While investigating bizarre exsanguinations in Texas, Mulder kills a teenage boy whom he “mistakes” for a vampire. Awaiting a meeting with Skinner, Mulder and Scully attempt to get their stories “straight” by relating to each other their differing versions of what happened during their investigation.
  • X-Files; Season 6, Episode 3 “Triangle” (1998) – Mulder goes in search of a ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1939. But when he gets on board, Mulder finds that he—and all the passengers and crew (as well as some strangely familiar ones)—are still stuck in the past.
  • X-Files; Season 6, Episode 6 “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” (1998) – On Christmas Eve, Mulder convinces Scully to put aside her gift wrapping and stake out a reputed haunted house. But they discover a pair of lovelorn spectres living inside the house who are determined to prove how lonely the holidays can be.

X-Files is paranormal you say? True, but so many focus on the UFO (which is paranormal too) that i’d figure remind some of the other side of the coin that the X-Files so proudly showed from time to time…

  • SeaQuest DSV; Season 1, Episode 8 “Knight of Shadows” – When Bridger is hurled across his quarters by an unknown force, it leads the seaQuest to find a hundred-year-old sunken ship where the spirits of those who perished there haunt its ancient hull, one of which possesses Dr. Westphalen.

SeaQuest DSV followed in a long line of, sadly not not seen anymore, true “Halloween” episodes from network shows, that strayed from the concept to give a nod to the time of year it aired.

  • The Boogieman, “Quantum Leap”: (One of the best “Quantum Leap” episodes) Sam leaps into Joshua Ray, a horror novelist, on October 31, 1964. As he leaps in, strange things start to happen. And it gets worse and worse… until something unexpected happens. Also, Sam’s stories help inspire a boy named Stevie, who has a car named Christine and a dog named Cujo.
Quantom Leap “Boogieman”

Quantum Leap had many interesting moments, but this one fit Halloween Perfectly! Have we missed anything let us know?!


John C. Fowler