Paranormal Pet Peeves (Or Why The Paranormal is a Joke!)

This Picture of "Ghost Buster Abe" has nothing to do with this article.
This Picture of “Ghost Buster Abe” has nothing to do with this article.

The paranormal community is full of many unique and ‘special’ people, from all walks of life and back stories.  So of course we all have a different view and take on what is and isn’t good for the field/hobby.. This is my take/rant/thoughts/etc….

First off any team that makes it difficult to find out who is on the team or runs it when they have a website, or social media hangout is ridiculous!   How does anyone reasonably think that a client wants to deal with a paranormal group who hides their names and faces? Would you welcome people in your home without knowing who they are, especially if they will be there for hours on end? Come on!

Groups/People who delete all the data they collect from a hunt/case, because they didn’t capture anything! OK, now in science do scientists just trash a failed experiment or do they put the notes away for later use? Well how many of our advances have come from the failures of others, or from slight tweaks to a ‘failed’ experiment! A body of work creates a base to work off of. Without that what proof you have you were there or tried it, or have been doing anything?

Groups/People who offer Paranormal Investigator ‘Certifications’, really? Come on… No one is certified in this field, dedicated yes, certified… nope.

People/Groups who just say not paranormal with no explanation to those who don’t know why it isn’t (orbs, shutter speeds,etc.) on video & picture anomalies. We should be educating each other, not just leaving others in the dust *orb pun*.

Paranormal ‘team’ members who dodge the real work and just want to do the cases, but not the leg work before or after… Their’s more to being a paranormal investigator/ghost hunter then just the hunt/investigation!

People who trespass for the hunt/investigation… Illegal is wrong… Did you miss that?

People/Groups who charge their clients for ‘services’… what the F&*k? So by “helping” them your only helping yourself? Disgusting.

Groups/People more worried about likes/followers then actually going out and doing hunts/investigations or helping people… ok… we know where your thoughts are…. yourself…. bugger off now. 🙂

And finally today… People/Groups who don’t understand or use their equipment correctly – I don’t care if its a camera, meter, app, etc. If you don’t know what it does or why it fails or its quirks… don’t use it… knowledge is power not ignorance….

Well that’s it for now… I’m sure i’ll write a part two later….


John C. Fowler