Accountability – Part 2

I wrote the first blog on ‘Accountability’ on April 2nd, 2010 about TV shows effect on a team. This one is about the general actions that team members current and former should have.   As a team member who recently left told me, joining a team is a like a job, you may not stay forever their is a  urge to try the same job in a different way maybe somewhere else or just with other people.  And that is true as long as when a team member tells the team and  founder/runner of the group they thinking of leaving or are leaving with respect – that is the right thing to do. When one leaves a job professionally you don’t scream or walk out (though it happens) you put in your notice. You never know when you may need or want to come back, your building bridges in this journey, not burning them.

Accountability means when you leave you don’t just disappear or lie about why you are leaving, just like a job if that gets back to the team or others your reputation is gone and in the paranormal reputation is everything.  Besides helping clients and exploring the question ‘what is paranormal?’ you are building your reputation up either good or bad.  Accountability means standing up and saying ‘OK, I messed up, here’s how we fixed it…’

I’m amazed how people leave a team or group then just trash them or the founder, that’s not respect or accountability if anything it shows your true colors. And why NO ONE should support you or your ventures.  I don’t wanna hear ‘What about Para Unity’ on that type of deal. Supporting people who should be supported is Para Unity – the ones who spend hours helping families understand and overcome the issues they dealing with.  The ones who have respect for not just themselves, but others! Not the idiots who trash others for no reason other then personal gain.  Personal gain is not helping people its helping ones self.

Accountability is one of many things paranormal groups and people should be all about. Accountability, Respect, Honesty, Truth, etc….

“Each day you are leading by example. Whether you realize it or not or whether it’s positive or negative, you are influencing those around you.”
― Rob Liano