So… What’s Next?

After yesterday’s events I more then ever understand why people leave this field of paranormal.  Lies, backstabbing, look at me shouts. Its a shame, a damn shame. The good (and hell bad) investigators spend  time, money, energy, hours away from loved ones to help – just to try to help people.  Some of us don’t even help ourselves, just others…. 

I’m actually having trouble writing this because how much do I want to say? I’m upfront person, usually and brutally direct. My anger is stirred and my trust betrayed.  I could use my power here on the web to bash former members, but i’m above it.  So….. What’s next?

I’ll tell you what’s next!  We are heading out this afternoon to do a private home interview and check in with the family see what we can do not only document paranormal activity if its shows, but to help them through it – whether its a para or another issue in the home. I’m in this field to help people and continue to see what comes next, not to be in center ring dancing on some pole yelling look at me or be a  celebrity.

We are the Midnight Watchmen and we are here to help… you! Not ourselves…