Update: 1-18-2013

We have learned today that Jon Williams has cancelled ParaUnity Con 2013, here is the email sent out to groups:

I have thought long and hard, and I can not think of any reason to stay in the field of Ghost Hunting. After 15 years of being in this venture, its time to hang up my meters, and equipment and press on. The field has turned into a cut throat, political, greed driven industry that I am sick of being involved with. I am through with it all. I am cancelling the ParaUnity Con, because that was supposed to be a fun unwind, but with the popping up of other “HUGE” Conferences surrounding that date, paid conferences that people are actually paying for to see their favorite para-celebs, im sick of this. Im not going to pay $3,000 of my own money to do something that I would have to do everything with. Its horrible to think this way, but, we have to live and learn and do whats right in this lifetime. So since I closed down the museum, and closed out a number of other pages on facebook, Good night all..Happy Snow Day..

Jonathan Williams

We are saddened to hear this event was cancelled as a lot of friends in the paranormal community were going to be there. We looked forward to another trip to Gettysburg and see old friends.  We understand his decision and hope that he returns to the field some time soon with a renewed energy.

I’d also like to acknowledge that Johanna Colvin Gamble/Spiritgirl & Jon Bolton/John Cannon are no longer with the Midnight Watchmen.  As we move forward to more exciting things in the new year here, i’d like to thank those of the team who are still here and along for the ride we are on.  Fame isn’t the goal, its knowledge…. And boy have we learned!