My Thoughts on 2013 Gettysburg Trip

I always say every trip to Gettysburg is different, this year proved to be no exception! We returned to Jennie Wade House Museum on Friday & Soldier’s Museum/Orphanage on Saturday – along with a new place The Hall of Presidents to finish our adventure on Sunday.

We tried out a ghost meter pro in mode 4. Yielded some interesting surface results as of writing this we are in process of checking with the manufacturer about what we saw which was an apparent morris code like flashes. In the 2 prior nights ghost pro meter never displayed activity like that! While at jennie Wade we also using a laser pointer created the appoxmant trajectory and angle of the fatal shot to ms. Wade. A first for us a little CSI action.

We had a great time in Gettysburg despite the weather…. which reminded me of our 2007 & 2009 trips….. both of which shaped our futures as a team. After the review and some deeper research will help us settle what we have from those three cases, but the energy felt right to me….