State of the Watchmen – 2012

2012 – Where do I begin? We had many highs and lows as a team. We still working on releasing our DVD’s of case files, which we hoped to have out earlier in the year, was derailed by some issues on my end.  Case wise may have been quiet but as we moved forward on some events and client help it was worth it.   We attend the para-xpo in NJ and as well welcomed old friends back into the fold, we’ve added a new members Trevor Gibson  who will work on tech & Johanna to help with research!  The Tylersport Haunted Hayride was a blast! Great event to network with the community!

So now that we all have survived 2012, I ask myself whats next?  We’ve met some amazing teams, people, been at some amazing events/places & had some interesting cases. We still are hard at work on making some public events/hunts as well as trying to just get our foot in the doors at some places.  I’m very calm and collected when I proclaim 2013 will be the best year ever for the Watchmen, I have no doubts about that at all!

We’ve also been busy laying the ground work for Paranormal Journeys Expo which is presented by Midnight Watchmen &, which will take place on September 21st & 22nd 10am to 6pm next year 2013!  Returning to Delaware Valley College was a fun experience, students and staff always keep us on our toes. We also have a few  Open Positions available, Video person (2), Photographer, Researcher (2), and a marketing person to help with logo designs/other marketed related things.

As was said last year and again in closing I’d like to thank my team from our current members to the ones who are no longer with us, as all of you have had an influence on what the Midnight Watchmen have become and will be tomorrow.  Their are not words for me to express my joy and happiness in doing what we do, for me it was a dream since I was child to be a “ghostbuster”, this the next best thing to that, only thing we’re missing is an Ecto-1, but if that’s all we’re missing that ain’t too bad….