Paranormal 101 – Why Use Red Lens Flashlights?

Husky Flashlight - Modified Red Lens

Some of you may have gotten flashlights with different colors lens’ before Red, Blue, or Clear.  Clear is just normal light nothing special it – lights the way! Sorry about the pun/bad joke.  Blue is for Tracking as the blue light clearly and brightly lights up the area. While Red actually preserves your night vision (You see better in the dark as well as lighted areas with a red lens flashlight) it is also not as visible from a distance.

They all have their uses, but preserving your night vision on a case if your doing one in total darkness is a bonus. You can light your way and still see in the dark. That being said a blue tracking light/lens does come in handy if your looking to see what made a noise near you in an outside investigation area and/or you need a clear identification of what made the noise (animal, beast, man, cryptid, etc.) We prefer red lens majority of the time since we do mostly indoor investigations.

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