Paranormal 101 – Trigger Objects

Trigger Objects

A trigger object is an object such as a toy, or personal belongings (Clothes, awards, pictures, jewelery, furniture, etc) and other objects associated with a property or person, which is used to attract an spirit’s attention and possibly capture the object in motion by creating physical contact of the object by the spirit at a location or set off a meter to let us know its there basically its items that a spirit may know and may have used or enjoyed in it’s everyday life.

Some Examples of Trigger Objects
Some Examples of Trigger Objects

Many investigators will use items like toys, i.e. stuffed animals, balls, matchbox cars or period specific toys (wooden), etc., when dealing with the ghosts of children who have passed on, due to the playful nature of a child. Adults may require things children are not interested in tools, bullets, weapons, more personal belongings, etc. It is a way of not only drawing the ghost close to you but also gives it confidence that you are not there to harm it, but just to play and contact it.

Trigger Objects are not only fun and at times challenging to pick out, but they have a way of connecting to the spirit that is non threatening. Don’t be frightened to conduct experiments like this in a client’s home!  Just make sure that you explain to the client how you use them and the possible outcomes as well as getting their final approval to use them on their property – as some objects that fit the history of the place may not fit in with the values of the client or business.

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