Black Moon Manor is a Fraud!!!


Sooo… The Ghost Adventures Crew are airing their trip to Black Moon Manor in Indiana this Friday. This is a site that I have been to and was very disappointed to learn that the guy who claims to be the owner is not even the owner, and all his claims about why the place is haunted – that it was a small pox hospital with over 200 deaths, that the bodies were buried in a cemetary on the property, that the last living member of the family died on the property by freezing to death in 1978 – all of these and more are NOT TRUE. I personally spoke to the county historical society, county recorder office, county clerk of courts, county office of vital stastitics and the County Sheriffs Department and not one single claim could be verifiied. It was never a small pox hospital, no deaths were ever recorded there except for a 5 yr old family member and there has never been a cemetary there (which would have to be registered with the county). In fact, they all seemed to be under the opinion that this person was full of BS.

About Ghost Adventures airing their trip to Black Moon Manor this Friday…. I’ve also contacted Jeff Belanger, the Ghost Adventures head researcher, about some of the fraudulent claims. They have released some clips about the show and about the research they have done. Here is a clip they released where Zak is talking to researchers and he is heard to say that they were not able to verify the claims of small pox or death…..

I just think that this place should be called out as a fraud. There is nothing that I find more disgusting than someone making up lies and making money hand over fist from people like me (us) that are willing to pay to go to places suspected to be haunting in an effort to collect evidence and find answers. I really and truly hope that GAC calls them out and deems the place a fraud. I cant remember them ever doing that in the past, but I hope they do. If they don’t  those of us who know the truth will still know the truth, but I wanted to post this before the show airs so anyone who reads this will keep it in mind as they are watching the show.