The Ark of the Covenant… Not Just the Nazis Were After It… Right Indy???


The ark of the covenant, the resting and holding place of the ten commandments written by God and given to Moses for all people of the world to listen to an obey. This wooden box that was covered in gold and contained the instructions for life in it has been and will forever be an icon of biblical proportions…literally…and that of mystery and wonderment. It has been the subject of a number of movies, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ark is one of the more famous of these to cover this subject. This box of God like power has been lost in the world and who knows if it’s even still around and if it is where is it???

The ark is said to have the power of God within it, ie the Ten Commandments, and that you were not allowed to touch the ark or the commandments. Not I have looked into this and at some point down the line only the holy of holy could open the ark and touch the Ten Commandments. So sounds a little bit like Raiders of the Lost Ark where a the end of the movie…spoiler alert…they open the ark and spirits come out and melt all the Nazis’ faces and kill every except for Indy and Marion. Was this true, well if it had the power of God strapped to it I don’t see why not or is this one of those stories made by priests so they could hold some sort of power over the people to make them feel lower than themselves…who knows.

Now we have all heard the stories whether it be in church or in movies or on tv shows this is one of the top sought after religious artifacts in the world. It originally was in Jerusalem I the Temple of Solomon, which has been identified and recorded in ancient text. And to note even “copies” of the ark are considered truly holy and almost on the same level as the true ark itself. After ancient wars, with Babylonia, it was said that the Ark was taken to Ethiopia; in fact almost every church in Ethiopia has a “replica” ark within its church walls. In fact one temple is said to hold the true genuine ark itself…not sure I completely believe that, but you never know so I can’t be all that skeptical with the stuff I have read and researched.

Now wherever this Ark of the Covenant is it is desirable for those seeking power and for those seeing fortune and fame. To find the real true ark and posses it they would have the power of God plain and simple and can and could do anything they felt like doing…now wonder it was such a great story line for Nazis to chase after it in the movie. Yet there is some truth to this as Hitler was a great fan of the occult as even sought not only sought after the ark of the covenant, but also the spear of destiny, Noah’s ark, pieces of the cross Jesus was nailed on and so much more both biblical and non-biblical.

Do I think some day we will find the true Ark of the Covenant or even remnants of it??? No I don’t for if God wanted us to find it by now it would have been presented to the human race. Of course it could be held up in some government warehouse somewhere or some church in Ethiopia or even in a place we have never thought of looking because we have been chasing myths and stories the entire time. I would love for us to find it and there have been many people funding expeditions to find it both legally and illegally, but it always ends up the same they supposedly get close enough then somehow the government gets involved and shuts the whole thing down. What are they afraid of don’t they want to know if it’s real or not??? No they don’t in my opinion they would rather keep everyone in the dark because if it was found the government would lose any and all power they had. Yet one more conspiracy for the government to have their hands in…ugh.

Be safe and do not touch the ark your face may melt off,

Jon Bolton